Cape Verde 19-20


Opportunity Overview

Students will live in an apartment above our host missionary’s home. They will live with views of the ocean, and a few blocks to the grocery store, or coffee shop.

Praia is the capital city of the country and the students will live in a neighborhood within the city.

Cape Verde is a string of islands 350 miles off the west coast of Africa. CV, claimed its independence from Portugal in 1975. It is one of, if not the most stable and democratic countries in all of Africa. Everyone on the island speaks Portuguese, but the further you get from the city, and into the villages, you will find many speak Creole.

There are currently 65 unreached, unengaged villages on the main island of Santiago. The Gospel has only recently taken hold in CV, but since then, it is spreading at a rapid pace. There is need for discipleship of new believers and to carry the Gospel to villages who have never heard.

Students will start their day working at Projecto Pepe. This is a children’s ministry and a great opportunity to practice your Portuguese. Then, students will attend their Portuguese classes. In the evening, there is ministry going on every night at the church or in town. Everything from a basketball ministry, to soccer, to discipleship groups, to evangelism. This is a great time to try a lot of different things to find where you can use your gifts and talents. The 2nd half of the year (after you have a good grasp on the language) our students will be charged to carry the Gospel to the unreached villages.

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Cost: $12,000.00

Application Fee: $100.00

Milestone Amount Due Date
Commitment Deposit $250.00
Due May 1 $2,900.00 5/1/2019
Due June 1 $2,900.00 6/1/2019
Due July 1 $2,900.00 7/1/2019
Due August 1 $2,950.00 8/1/2019
Name Description Location Date Required?
Meet and Greet This is an opportunity for you to come and meet your teammates for the first time before beginning summer training. This time will be full of helpful and important information as we move into summer training. If you are not able to personally attend, please plan to video call in. First Baptist Church Woodstock 11905 GA-92 Woodstock, GA 30188 Jun 8 2019 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM EDT Yes
Form Description Due Date Required?
Medical Release Affidavit Fill out and send to 6478 Putman Ford Dr., Woodstock, GA 30189. 8/31/2019 Required
Medical Report Fill out and Send to 6478 Putnam Ford Dr., Woodstock, GA, 30189. 8/31/2019 Required
Global Year Release Form Fill out and Send to 6478 Putnam Ford Dr., Woodstock, GA, 30189. 6/8/2019 Required
Global Year Use of Funds Please read through, sign and Send to 6478 Putnam Ford Dr., Woodstock, GA, 30189. 6/8/2019 Required
  1. Passport
  1. Morning - Service at Projecto Pepe preschool
  2. Afternoon - Language classes
  3. Evening – Personal ministry/church community participation
  1. You must be a High School Graduate
  1. Raise all necessary funds prior to departure
  2. Attend all training events in person or via Internet

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